Research and Statistics

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Report Results / Resultados de los informes

Parochial Report Instructions / Instrucciones para el Informe Parroquial


File a Parocial Report:
To download the 2018 Parochial Report Form go to: 2018 Parochial Report Form (pdf)



Archivo de informe parroquial:
Para descargar el Formulario de Informe Parroquial 2018 visite: Informe Parroquial 2018 (pdf)


À déposer

Déposer un rapport paroissial:
Pour télécharger le formulaire de rapport paroissial 2018, allez à: Le Rapport Paroissial 2018 (pdf)

Diocesan Report Instructions / Instrucciones para el Informe Diocesano

Each diocese is required to prepare an annual report in a form authorized by the Executive Council and approved by the House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church (Canon I.6.4). The current form, available below as a PDF, contains information on congregations organized or closed during the previous year and a section on diocesan income.

Please download your Diocesan Report forms, print, complete, and mail to:

Executive Office of the General Convention
815 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10017-4564
or fax to (212) 972-9322


Cada diócesis debe preparar un informe anual en forma autorizada por el Consejo Ejecutivo y aprobado por el Comité de Estado de la Iglesia de la Cámara de Diputados (Canon I.6.4). El formulario actual, disponible a continuación como PDF, contiene información sobre las congregaciones organizadas o cerradas durante el año anterior y una sección sobre los ingresos diocesanos.

Descargue los formularios del Informe Diocesano, imprima, complete y envíe por correo a:

Executive Office of the General Convention
815 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10017-4564
o por fax al (212) 983-6377

Community Profile Tool

Studying Your Congregation and Community

In order to know who you are, you need to examine where you are and where you have been. Looking at the social and demographic characteristics of the local community sheds light on the people to which we hope to minister.  Looking at trends in membership, average worship attendance, and financial giving sheds light on congregational strength and whether current patterns indicate growth, decline or stability.

By following the instructions below, you can display and print two charts and a community demographic profile. The two charts track membership, participation, and giving over the most recently available eleven years for your congregation and your diocese. These data are from annual Parochial Reports. The community demographic profile will give you a demographic overview of the area within a three-mile radius of your congregation’s physical location.

For guides to understanding the information provided in the profiles, please see the Mosaic Descriptions. Use the online community profile tool, found at this link:, to find information about your community. Profiles of a larger area are available from the research office, diocesan and congregational ministries.