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Constitution and Canons-2018 / Constitución y Cánones-2018

The updated Constitution and Canons is available for free as a downloadable PDF file or as an HTML file directly viewable in the browser. Please click one of the below links. Or use the print link to purchase a print copy for $35.00.

La Constitución y los Cánones actualizados están disponibles gratuitamente como un archivo PDF descargable o como un archivo HTML directamente visible en el navegador. Por favor, haga clic en uno de los siguientes enlaces. O use el enlace de impresión para comprar una copia impresa por $35.00.

Journal of the 79th General Convention

The 79th Journal of the General Convention of The Episcopal Church is now available for free online. The below link opens the official digital version as a pdf file. This file contains Volumes I, II and III.

The print version of the 79th Journal is in three volumes, available for $15.00 each at Amazon. Click the appropriate link below to buy that specific volume. Volume I contains the preface, index of resolutions, photos, directory, and reports. Volume II contains the officers, list of deputies, and General Convention minutes of the House of Deputies. Volume III contains the officers, roster and General Convention minutes of the House of Bishops, including the minutes for interim meetings.

Purchase the print versions:

Other Reports / Otros Informes

Parochial Reports

You may now find links to report results, filing instructions and the Community Profile Tool on the Research and Statistics page of this website.

Report of the House of Deputies Special Committee on Sexual Harassment and Exploitation

Policies and Forms

Políticas y Formularios