About Processing Blue Book Reports

To process blue book reports involves several steps. We cannot simply post the documents submitted, but must in fact edit them to fit certain parameters that are necessary in order to create the final .pdf documents for posting online and for print on demand. Some reports are complicated, including images, tables, supplements, or special requirements. Other reports simply do not adhere to the instructions. Some examples of time-consuming tasks might be to rearrange the order of sections to the standard order, to remove headers and footers, to convert footnotes to endnotes, to upgrade the quality of graphics to meet minimum requirements, to apply Word styles which create the bookmarks and navigation, to correct the formatting of resolutions, and to thoroughly proofread the documents for errors. In addition, the report processors often must communicate with the report writers for clarifications, and also must make decisions about corrections and arrangement that depend upon knowledge of The Episcopal Church and the work of its interim bodies. Therefore the task of processing reports cannot easily be allocated to temporary workers or contractors, and also can take extra time for new staff.

Once the base report is in order, all resolutions proposed must be entered and filed in the LPO system (Legislative Processing Online) which is used to manage resolution processing during General Convention. Then each report must be sent for translation, which can take several weeks for some of the larger reports. When the translation of a report comes in, both the English and the Spanish version must be converted to .pdf and optimized for web viewing. At this point the completed individual report can be posted online.

Finally, after all individual reports are ready, the larger merged files are then created and edited again to meet the requirements of print-on-demand submission and for uploading to the iPads used at General Convention. While we can post individual digital documents sooner, the final official "Report to the General Convention" is not ready until 5 months or so from the due date for submission of individual reports.