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Constitution and Canons-2015 / constitucion y canones-2015

The Constitution and Canons is now available for free as a PDF file. Please click the below link.

Click the below link to purchase a print version in English for $ 35.00 at*

Haga clic en el enlace de abajo para comprar una versión impresa en español para $35.00 en

*As errors are discovered they will be noted on the following errata sheet, only available online. Both the digital file and the print version linked on this page will always be updated as soon as corrections are verified. Print versions purchased prior to the errata sheet date, or digital versions downloaded prior to the errata sheet date, will not contain the corrections.


Journal of the 78th General Convention

The 78th Journal of the General Convention of The Episcopal Church is now available for free online. The below link opens the official digital version* as a pdf file. This file contains both Volume I and Volume II, plus indexes.

The print version of the 78th Journal is in two volumes, available for $20.00 each at Click the appropriate link below to buy that specific volume. Volume I contains the introduction, photos, directory, reports, and the roster and minutes of the House of Bishops. Volume II contains the roster and minutes of the House of Deputies, and the indexes for both volumes.


Parochial Reports / informes parroquiales

Download workbooks and instructions
Go here to find workbooks and useful links when filing reports.

Parochial reports Filing website
Go here to login to the Parochial reports website to file reports or to see past reports.

Studying Your Congregation and Community
Go here to view recent reports for any Diocese, Church or Community that has filed reports.

Parochial Reports page on the The Episcopal Church website
Go here to view the Parochial Reports page of The Episcopal Church website.

Membership Totals

The Parochial Report, established by our Constitution and Canons, is a tool for the collection of data that is intended to assist the Church in planning for mission. The “new” parochial report form was launched in 1999 with only 40 questions, and represents what we hope is a better form yielding better information from more of our parishes and dioceses. The use of web technology has become another important development in our efforts to make this a useful and more easily accessed tool, and not one more task.

All dioceses now use the same reporting process, and all have immediate access to the Parochial Reports submitted by their congregations. In addition, all congregations have access to their own previously filed forms electronically, going back to 1998 and by using the same website that is used to file new Reports.

We continue to investigate ways to provide statistical reports to every parish that will enhance planning for the future while understanding the present. One way parishes can see their participation and giving trends is through the Studying Your Congregation and Community facility that is available for any parish and diocese. In one combined chart, membership, average Sunday attendance, and plate and pledge income can be tracked for 11 years.


For past publications, please go to the website of the Archives of The Episcopal Church, at