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B009 Conducting an Online Digital Evangelism Test
Topic: Evangelism

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The Rt. Rev. Scott Benhase

Finalized text

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, That the 78th General Convention directs the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society to develop and conduct a digital evangelism initiative consisting of several campaigns, with equitable representation among the domestic provinces, with at least one campaign per year in a language other than English, for the benefit of the entire church, and for the purpose of meeting the demand online for the gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of The Episcopal Church; to build and maintain a database of prospects; to cultivate those prospects via email, social media, blogs, and other means as shall prove effective; and to partner with dioceses to refer qualified prospects to local congregations, church plants, or other appropriate ministries; and be it further

Resolved, That the budget allocated for the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society be assumed to include funding for creating this digital evangelism initiative of $3,000,000, and be it further

Resolved, That The Episcopal Church Development Office is directed to prioritize raising funds for this digital evangelism initiative, with the expectation that $1.5 million will be raised this triennium to support this initiative from dioceses that stand to benefit as well as other interested networks, persons, and entities; and be it further

Resolved, That the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society report back to this Convention in three years' time with the results of this initiative, and with a recommendation for or against the creation of a permanent digital missionary presence online of The Episcopal Church; and be it further

Resolved, That the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance consider a budget allocation of $3,000,000 for the implementation of this resolution.