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Executive  Council Draft Budget for 2019-2021:  https://extranet.generalconvention.org/staff/files/download/20857

Consejo Ejecutivo - Anteproyecto de presupuesto:  https://extranet.generalconvention.org/staff/files/download/21017

An Introduction to the 79th General Convention:  https://extranet.generalconvention.org/staff/files/download/20313

Una introducción a la 79.ª Convención General: https://extranet.generalconvention.org/staff/files/download/20370

Hotel and Registration Guide for GC2018:     https://extranet.generalconvention.org/staff/files/download/18345

Meeting Room Request Form:     https://goo.gl/forms/AUhYSDQDm90kJ1vO2

Accessibility Guide for the 79th General Convention:  https://extranet.generalconvention.org/staff/files/download/12570


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