Official Seal of the General Convention

Standing Commission on Health

It shall be the duty of the Commission to identify and study national and international healthcare issues, practices, and policies and the Church’s healthcare ministries, and to make recommendations to General Convention.
Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Andrus, The Rt. Rev. Marc Chair 2018 California, VIII
Scott, The Rev. Marshall Vice-Chair 2018 West Missouri, VII
Baker, The Rev. Stannard Secretary 2018 Vermont, I
Alvarez, The Rt. Rev. David Member 2015 Puerto Rico, IX
Brokenleg, Mr. Isaiah Member 2015 Fond du Lac, V
Cardenas, Sr. Adrian Member 2018 Venezuela, IX
Davis, Ms. Mary Margaret Member 2018 Alaska, VIII
Embler, Ms. Elizabeth Member 2018 East Tennessee, IV
Grant, Ms. Mimi Member 2018 Los Angeles, VIII
Kollin, The Rev. Harriet Member 2015 Pennsylvania, III
O'Dell, Dr. Molly Member 2018 Southwestern Virginia, III
Saloom, Dr. Salem Member 2018 Central Gulf Coast, IV
Jefferts Schori, The Most Rev. Katharine Ex Officio 2015 Nevada, VIII
Jennings, The Rev. Gay C. Ex Officio 2015 Ohio, V
Hanen, The Rev. Dr. Patricia Representative of the President of the House of Deputies 2015 Ohio, V
Cheney, Ms. Stephanie Liaison of Executive Council 2015 West Tennessee, IV
Hafner, Ms. Jayce Staff 2015
Past Meetings
Dates Location Minutes Documents
July 22, 2013 (Tele/Web conference)
June 20, 2013 (Tele/Web conference) Download
April 9, 2013 (Tele/Web conference) Download
February 4, 2013 (Tele/Web conference)
January 7, 2013 (Tele/Web conference)
November 12-15, 2012 St. Louis, Missouri Download