Official Seal of the General Convention

21 - Program, Budget and Finance

JOINT RULES II.10 10 (a) There shall be a Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget, and Finance, consisting of 27 persons being members of the General Convention (one Bishop, and two members of the House of Deputies, either Lay or Clerical, from each Province), who shall be appointed not later than the fifteenth day of December following each regular Meeting of the General Convention, the Bishops to be appointed by the Presiding Bishop, the Deputies by the President of the House of Deputies. The Secretary and the Treasurer of the General Convention and the Treasurer of the Executive Council shall be members ex officiis, without vote. The Joint Standing Committee may appoint advisers, from time to time, as its funds warrant, to assist the Joint Standing Committee with its work. (b) Organization. The Joint Standing Committee shall elect its Chair from its membership, and such other officers as needed. The Joint Standing Committee shall be organized in Sections, which shall conform to the major subdivisions of the Budget, as well as Sections on Funding and Presentation, the size and composition of the several Sections to be determined by the Joint Standing Committee. The Chairs of each Section shall be elected by the Joint Standing Committee; the several Sections shall elect their own Secretaries from among their own membership. The Joint Standing Committee may refer to a Section any of the duties imposed upon it by this rule; Provided, however, that final action on Budget shall be taken only by the full Committee, either in meeting assembled or by a vote by mail. (c) During the interim between regular Meetings of the General Convention, the Joint Standing Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the officers of the General Convention and to the Executive Council, holding such meetings as may be deemed necessary for the purpose. Meetings of the Joint Standing Committee shall be called by the Chair, or upon the request of any five members thereof. In respect of the Budget for the Episcopal Church, the Joint Standing Committee shall have the power to consider, and either by a vote by mail, or in meeting assembled, to make such adjustments therein, or additions thereto, as it shall deem to be necessary or expedient, and which, in its judgment, available funds and anticipated income will warrant; and it shall likewise have the power to adjust the annual askings of Dioceses within the limit established by the General Convention. With regard to the General Church Program, the Joint Standing Committee shall: (i) Meet and consult with the Executive Council, or its Administration and Finance Committee, on adjustments to the program priorities, and on alternate income generating resources; (ii) Receive from the Executive Council, not less than four months prior to the meeting of General Convention, the proposed General Church Program for the upcoming triennium, including a proposed detailed Budget for the year next following that of such Convention; (iii) Meet in such places as it shall determine, sufficiently in advance of the next General Convention to expedite its work. (iv) Conduct hearings upon such proposed Program and Budget; and (v) Consider such proposed Program and Budget and report thereon to the next succeeding General Convention. (d) Not later than the third day prior to the adjournment of each regular meeting of the General Convention, the Joint Standing Committee shall report to a Joint Session, pursuant to Canon, a proposed Budget for the Episcopal Church for the ensuing Convention period, subject to the approval of the said Budgets subject also to increase, reduction, or elimination of items, based on open hearings held during the General Convention and by subsequent concurrent action by the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops.
Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Lloyd, The Rev. Canon Mally Ewing Chair 2015 Massachusetts, I
Lane, The Rt. Rev. Stephen Vice-Chair 2015 Maine, I
Sparks, The Rev. Dr. Douglas Secretary 2015 Minnesota, VI
Downing, The Rev. Patty Assistant Secretary 2015 Delaware, III
Adams III, The Rt. Rev. Gladstone Member 2015 Central New York, II
Barker, The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Member 2015 Nebraska, VI
Cisluycis, Ms. Jane Member 2015 Northern Michigan, V
Duque, The Rt. Rev. Francisco Member 2015 Colombia, IX
Eaton, The Rev. Canon Cornelia Member 2015 Navajoland Area Mission, VIII
Ehmer, The Rev. Canon Mike Member 2015 Northwest Texas, VII
Floberg, The Rev. Canon John Member 2015 North Dakota, VI
Goff, The Rt. Rev. Susan Member 2015 Virginia, III
Gould, Mr. Samuel Member 2015 Massachusetts, I
Heard, The Rev. Canon Victoria Member 2015 Dallas, VII
Konieczny, The Rt. Rev. Edward Member 2015 Oklahoma, VII
Logue, Rev. Canon Frank Member 2015 Georgia, IV
Mathes, The Rt. Rev. James Member 2015 San Diego, VIII
Miles, Ms. Barbara Member 2015 Washington, III
Perfater, Canon Charles (Chuck) Member 2015 New Jersey, II
Quinones, Ing. Francisco Member 2015 Puerto Rico, IX
Quittmeyer, Mr. David Member 2015 Central Gulf Coast, IV
Racusin, The Rev. Michele Member 2015 San Joaquin, VIII
Ray, The Rt. Rev. Rayford Member 2015 Northern Michigan, V
Salazar, The Rev. Canon Jose Francisco Member 2015 Venezuela, IX
Simmonds Ballentine, Canon Rosalie Member 2015 the Virgin Islands, II
Spencer, Mr. Michael Member 2015 Eastern Michigan, V
White, The Rt. Rev. Terry Member 2015 Kentucky, IV
Barlowe, The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Secretary of General Convention 2015 California, VIII
Jefferts Schori, The Most Rev. Katharine Ex Officio 2015 Nevada, VIII
Jennings, The Rev. Gay C. Ex Officio 2015 Ohio, V
Avedisian, The Honorable Scott Dispatch Liaison 2015 Rhode Island, I
Smith, Mr. Steve Representative of the President of the House of Deputies 2015 Vermont, I
Barnes, Mr. N. Kurt Treasurer 2015 New York, II
Caparulo, Mrs. Nancy Staff 2015 Newark, II
Crosnier de Bellaistre, Ms. Margareth Staff 2015 New York, II
Haizel, Mr. Patrick Staff n/a New York, II
DeVeau, The Very Rev. Peter Legislative Aide 2015 West Missouri, VII
Stark, Mr. Dennis Legislative Aide 2015 Rhode Island, I
Brown Snook, The Rev. Susan Other 2015 Arizona, VIII
Hollingsworth, Jr., The Rt. Rev. Mark Other 2015 Ohio, V
Past Meetings
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February 23 - 25 Linthicum Heights, Maryland
October 27-29, 2014 Linthicum Heights, Maryland
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