Official Seal of the General Convention

House of Bishops Committee on Theology

Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Burnett, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joe Chair 2016 Maryland, III
Bauerschmidt, The Rt. Rev. John Member 2016 Tennessee, IV
Benfield, The Rt. Rev. Larry Member 2016 Arkansas, VII
Breidenthal, The Rt. Rev. Thomas Member 2016 Southern Ohio, V
Fisher, The. Rt. Rev. Douglas Member 2016 Western Massachusetts, I
Smith, The Rt. Rev. George Wayne Member 2016 Missouri, V
Taylor, The Rt. Rev. G. Porter Member 2016 Western North Carolina, IV
Vono, The Rt. Rev. Michael Member 2016 Rio Grande, VII
Whalon, The Rt. Rev. Pierre Member 2016 Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, II
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