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Board of the Archives of the Episcopal Church

Canon I.5.3 Sec. 3 (a) There shall be a Board of the Archives which shall consist of the Archivist (ex officio, with vote) and twelve (12) appointed persons, three (3) of whom shall be Bishops, three (3) of whom shall be Clergy, and six (6) of whom shall be Lay Persons. All appointed Members of the Board shall serve terms beginning with the close of the General Convention at which their appointments are confirmed and ending with the close of the second regular Convention thereafter. (b) Members shall serve rotating terms for the purpose of continuity on the Board. In the first instance following the adoption of these provisions, one of the Bishops and one half of the Clerical and Lay Appointees shall have terms expiring after the next regular meeting of the General Convention as determined by lot. (c) Bishops shall be appointed by the Presiding Bishop, and other Clerical and all Lay Members shall be appointed by the President of the House of Deputies, all subject to the confirmation of General Convention. Consideration shall be given to assure that membership includes persons who possess knowledge either of history or archival administration, or are persons skilled in disciplines pertinent to the resolutions of the concerns of the Archives. Positions of Members of the Board which become vacant prior to the normal expiration of such Members' terms shall be filled by appointment by the Presiding Bishop or by the President of the House of Deputies, as appropriate. Such appointments shall be for the remaining unexpired portion of such Members' terms, and if a regular meeting of the General Convention intervenes, appointments for terms extending beyond such meeting shall be subject to confirmation of the General Convention. Because of the special skills and knowledge needed by this Board, a Member shall be eligible for appointment for two successive terms, after which the Member may not be reappointed prior to the next meeting of the General Convention following the meeting at the close of which the second successive term of the Member expired. Members appointed to fill vacancies in unexpired terms shall not thereby be disqualified from appointment to two full terms immediately thereafter. (d) The Board of the Archives shall have the duty to set policy for the Archives, to elect the Archivist of the Episcopal Church, and to set forth the terms and conditions with regard to the work of the Archivist. (e) The Board of the Archives shall meet annually, or more often as required. ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION CANON I.5.3 37 Board of the Archives. Membership. Duties. (f) The Board of the Archives shall elect its own officers and have the power to create committees necessary for the carrying on of its work. (g) The Board of the Archives shall adopt procedures consistent with the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church for its organization and functioning. (h) The Board of the Archives shall report to the General Convention, and the Executive Council, through the office of the Executive Officer of the General Convention, and to the Church. Sec. 4. There shall be an Archivist of the Episcopal Church whose duty shall be to manage the Archives, records, and related information resources of the Church at the direction of the Board. Sec. 5. The expenses of the Archives of the Episcopal Church shall be shared by the General Convention and the Executive Council.
Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Alexander, The Rt. Rev. J. Neil Chair 2015 Atlanta, IV
Abrams, Ms. Patricia Member 2015 Chicago, V
Alvarez, The Rt. Rev. David Member 2015 Puerto Rico, IX
Bardol, Ms. Anne Member 2015 Northwestern Pennsylvania, III
Baskerville-Burrows, The Rev. Jennifer Member 2015 Chicago, V
Bishop, Ms. Kay Member 2018 California, VIII
Godwin, The Rev. Jerry Dwayne Member 2015 Dallas, VII
Hitt II, Mr. Lawrence Member 2018 Colorado, VI
Huey, Ms. Jeannette Member 2015 Missouri, V
Lillibridge, The Rt. Rev. Gary Member 2018 West Texas, VII
Rushing, Mr. Byron Member 2018 Massachusetts, I
Sessum, The Rev. Bob Member 2018 Lexington, IV
Duffy, Mr. Mark Ex Officio 2015 Texas, VII
Jefferts Schori, The Most Rev. Katharine Ex Officio 2015 Nevada, VIII
Jennings, The Rev. Gay C. Ex Officio 2015 Ohio, V
Past Meetings
Dates Location Minutes Documents
September 25-26, 2014 Austin, Texas
February 13-14, 2014 Austin, Texas
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