Official Seal of the General Convention

Board for Transition Ministry

CANON III.26.1 Sec. 1 (a) There shall be a Board for Church Deployment of the General Convention consisting of twelve members, four of whom shall be Bishops, four of whom shall be Presbyters or Deacons, and four of whom shall be Lay Persons. (b) The Bishops shall be appointed by the Presiding Bishop. The Priests or Deacons and Lay Members shall be appointed by the President of the House of Deputies. All appointments to the Board shall be subject to the confirmation of the General Convention. (c) The Members shall serve terms beginning with the adjournment of the meeting of the General Convention at which their appointments are confirmed, and ending with the adjournment of the second regular meeting thereafter. The members shall not serve successive terms. (d) At each regular meeting of the General Convention one-half of the membership shall be appointed to serve full terms. (e) … Sec. 2. The duties of the Board shall be: (a) To oversee the Church Deployment Office. (b) To study the deployment needs and trends in the Episcopal Church and in other Christian bodies. (c) To issue and distribute such reports and information concerning deployment as it deems helpful to the Church. (d) To cooperate with the other Boards, Commissions, and Agencies which are concerned with ministry, and particularly with the Executive Council. (e) To report on its work and the work of the Church Deployment Office at each regular meeting of the General Convention. (f) To report to the Executive Council at regular intervals as a part of its accountability to the Council for the funding which the Church Deployment Office receives. (g) To work in cooperation with the Church Center Staff. (h) To fulfill other responsibilities assigned to it by the General Convention.
Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Beisner, The Rt. Rev. Barry Chair 2015 Northern California, VIII
Olson, Canon Karen Vice-Chair 2015 Minnesota, VI
Hayashi, The Rt. Rev. Scott Member 2015 Utah, VIII
Hodges-Copple, The Rt. Rev. Anne Member 2018 North Carolina, IV
McLoughlin, The Rev. Canon Jose Member 2015 Oklahoma, VII
Pritchett, Jr., The Rev. Canon James Member 2018 Western North Carolina, IV
Reed, The Rev. Canon Anne Member 2015 Southern Ohio, V
Smith, The Rt. Rev. Kirk Member 2018 Arizona, VIII
Stark, Ms. Judy Member 2015 Southwest Florida, IV
Wright, The Rev. Canon Stuart Member 2018 Maryland, III
Jefferts Schori, The Most Rev. Katharine Ex Officio 2015 Nevada, VIII
Jennings, The Rev. Gay C. Ex Officio 2015 Ohio, V
Past Meetings
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June 11 (Tele/Web conference)
November 6, 2014 (Self-organized) Download
September 4, 2014 (Self-organized) Download
June 19, 2014 (Self-organized) Download
February 6, 2014 (Tele/Web conference) Download
November 19-21, 2013 Houston, Texas Download
September 4, 2013 (Tele/Web conference) Download
June 12, 2013 (Tele/Web conference) Download
April 3, 2013 (Tele/Web conference) Download
January 23, 2013 (Tele/Web conference) Download
November 12-15, 2012 St. Louis, Missouri Download
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