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Disciplinary Board for Bishops

MEMBERS OF THE DISCIPLINARY BOARD FOR BISHOPS Term of office: 6 years staggered terms; Number to be elected: 2 lay persons this Convention (4 lay persons total); 2 priests or deacons this Convention (4 presbyters or deacons total); 10 bishops. (HOD elects 2 lay persons and 2 priests or deacons at the Convention in 2012. HOB elects bishops at any regular meeting of the House of Bishops.) Position Description: (Title IV, Canon 17, Section 3) “The Disciplinary Board for Bishops is hereby established as a court of the Church to have original jurisdiction over matters of discipline of Bishops, to hear Bishops' appeals from imposition of restriction on ministry or placement on Administrative Leave and to determine venue issues as provided in Canon IV.19.5. The Disciplinary Board for Bishops shall consist of ten Bishops elected at any regularly scheduled meeting of the House of Bishops, and four Priests or Deacons and four lay persons initially appointed by the President of the House of Deputies with the advice and consent of the lay and clergy members of the Executive Council and thereafter elected by the House of Deputies. All lay persons appointed to serve shall be confirmed adult communicants in good standing. Members of the Board shall serve staggered terms of six years, with terms of one half of the Bishops and one half of the lay persons, Priests and Deacons collectively expiring every three years, with the first expirations occurring at the end of the year 2012.” Explanation: Since this Canon goes into effect July 1, 2011, the President of the House of Deputies will initially appoint 4 lay persons and 4 priests or deacons (2 for a six year term and 2 for a three year term). Those appointed to three year terms will have their terms expire the end of 2012, with persons elected at the 2012 General Convention to replace them. (Those having terms expire at the end of 2012 will be eligible for election to a full term.) Those appointed to six year terms will continue until the end of 2015, with persons elected at the 2015 General Convention to replace them.
Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Henderson, Jr., The Rt. Rev. Dorsey Chair 2015 Florida, IV
Alarid, Mr. Joseph Member 2018 Rio Grande, VII
Douglas, The Rt. Rev. Ian Member 2018 Connecticut, I
Edwards, The Rt. Rev. Dan Member 2015 Nevada, VIII
Fleener, Jr, Mr. William Member 2018 Western Michigan, V
Harrison, The Rt. Rev. Dena Member 2018 Texas, VII
Hollerith, The Rt. Rev. Herman Member 2018 Southern Virginia, III
Mayer, The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Member 2018 Northwest Texas, VII
Powell, Ms. Josephine Member 2015 Michigan, V
Reyes, The Rev. Canon Jesus Member 2015 El Camino Real, VIII
Sammons, Ms. Diane Member 2015 Newark, II
Shepherd, The Rev. Dr. Angela Member 2018 Maryland, III
Singh, The Rt. Rev. Prince Member 2018 Rochester, II
Tuttle, The Rev. Peggy Member 2018 Minnesota, VI
Two Bulls, Jr., The Rev. Canon Robert Member 2015 Minnesota, VI
Waggoner, Jr., The Rt. Rev. James Member 2015 Spokane, VIII
Waynick, The Rt. Rev. Catherine Member 2015 Indianapolis, V
Past Meetings
Dates Location Minutes Documents
September 17-19, 2012 Salt Lake City, Utah
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