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The Joint Standing Committee on Nominations for General Convention is seeking applications from persons willing to be nominated for five elections that will take place at the 79th General Convention being held July 5-13, 2018 in Austin, Texas. Qualifications for each position and numbers to be elected are listed in each section below. The applicant need not be a deputy to apply. We ask all persons to consider prayerfully where their talents may best serve our church. In the unusual circumstance in which an individual feels called to serve through more than one ministry, we ask three things:

  1. Indicate the area of your greatest strength.
  2. Submit separate applications for each ministry category
  3. Supply different references which are relevant to each ministry

Click on each ministry to review the commitments expected. Applications must be received on or before May 10, 2017.



The Application Form

Applications should be submitted online.  The Application is available in English, Spanish or French at the following links:

As explained on the form, you will be unable to complete and submit the application until you upload a recent photo. The photo should be a head shot, similar to a passport picture, and must be uploaded as a .jpg or .png file, at least 300 pixels per side, 300ppi resolution. 

Click here, to see a sample view of the application.  Please note that this is a sample only, the actual application must still be filled out online.  We are providing this as a way to see the questions in advance. It is best to fill out the online application all in one session.  SAMPLE APPLICATION

For questions about the application process, please contact the General Convention Office at



The Committee welcomes nominees broadly representative of the constituency of this church and has a mandate to increase diversity. The Committee encourages early submissions.

Please share this information broadly and be active in encouraging the most qualified people you know to apply.



For further information about the Joint Standing Committee on Nominations, please click below.

Joint Standing Committee on nominations

The Committee’s Mandate